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Payment Certified Associate - Operations Track

Duration: 28

The Payment Certified Associate track provides foundation knowledge on payments without any assumption of previous experience in any particular business environment. This Payment Certified Associate track consists of of five modules is intended to give participants enough theoretical and practical training to enable them to fully understand the operations of an EFT Network, and how to function effectively within it.

It concentrates on the expected knowledge requirements, and tasks that participants will need to perform in order to keep an EFT Network operating optimally.

Module 1 - EFT Operations Overview

Module 1 introduces you to Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT) as well as the many concepts and terminologies that are used in the environment. We look at the EFT ecosystem, how it operations the architecture of the processing system suites and EFT payment cycles.

At the end of this module the learner will be able to:

  • Have an overview of the E-Payments infrastructure and participants
  • Understand the basic E-Payments concepts and terminology
  • Identify different payment tokens and how they facilitate the payment process
  • Appreciate the E-Payments suite of products, their functionality and business opportunities available

Module 2 - Real-time issuing and Acquiring

Module 2 introduces you to the Real-time processing, how to set up the Real-time processing system. We also introduced to card management, terminal management and dispute management.

At the end of this module the learner will be able to:

  • Understand the terminology used with respect to online real-time transaction processing
  • How to set up a real-time processing system
  • Understand the card management services
  • Understand how to manage transaction processing via terminals
  • Gain knowledge on how to handle errors that occur in the processing of certain transactions

Module 3 - Back Office Processing

Module 3 introduces you to Back Office processing. We have a look at the Back Office services to processes and how the Back Office functions.

At the end of this module the learner will be able to:

  • Define the basic concepts and terminologies used within a Back Office processing environment
  • Explain the inter-relation between all the entities required to deliver Back Office processing services
  • Identify the functionality of a Back Office processing system and how it allows processors to achieve their desired results
  • Describe the services offered by a Back Office processing system to its processors
  • Perform the required operations to ensure the optimal functionality of a Back Office processing system

Module 4 - Transactional Product Processing 

Module 4 gives you an overview into Transactional Product processing and introduces you to the various concepts used. We look a various services and how to apply them in application security. The final part of this module takes a look at the various services that are offered to customers.

At the end of this module the learner will be able to:

  • Define the concepts of Transactional Product Processing
  • Identfity collections and disbursements
  • Understand services applications security 
  • Recognize services offered to customers

Module 5 - Fraud and Security Management

Module 5 introduces to to transaction fraud and security management, the various concepts used, the standards that need to be applied, various services to stakeholders and the system, the systems requirements and how to apply the security.

At the end of this module the learner will be able to:

  • Explain what transaction fraud and security is
  • Define the various concepts of transaction fraud and security management
  • Identify the architecture in transaction security and the fraud system
  • Explain what fraud management is
  • Identify transaction security systems, their required services and application security
  • Describe the transaction security standards
  • Identify transaction security services which relate to the stakeholders

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